Sept. 7, 2022

Growth Is Maturity

Growth Is Maturity

There are many people who when they are feeling down and out, will put on some sad music and then turn around and wonder why their mood has not changed. There are many people who when they are feeling a certain way, could be feeling sad, or could be upset with someone, that will link about with like-minded people and wonder why they leave feeling worse than they originally did.

There is also another type of people who the moment something happens, run right to social media to voice their opinions or divulge whatever they are going through. Now I am a firm believer that it's your platform so do as you please, BUT understand there is a price to pay for any action! 

When you don't take a moment to reflect, take a deep breath, what you put out into the ecosystem is for public consumption. Now let's be honest, there aren't too many people on social media that care what you're going through, they just want to see the show, or they are doing better than you! So when you hit that post button, you have invited the public into what you got going on, so you cannot turn around and say everyone in your business!

The moral of the story is if you feel a type of way, do what you have the power to do to change it! Nothing has ever changed without the action first! Don't become addicted to the problem that the problem shapes you and you don't even feel normal if you don't have something going on! Your first course of action should never be running to social media. Pick up a phone, call someone. If you have a problem with someone bring it to them!

That leads me to a bigger problem, If you got a problem with someone, make sure they know about it! Many people are in beef with themselves and have the world around them thinking they are going to war! 

The person you are "beefing" with doesn't even know it because every time they talk to you, you act like everything is just fine! What is even lamer than that is, trying your best to get others to not like that person as well. That's why it's so important not to take sides in situations before you know what is going on!