Season 1

Nobody's Knowledge Is Greater Than Their Experience

June 18, 2020

Misinformed people misinform people! This episode we dive into various topics, including what can white people do to move the movement forward, cancel culture act.

No Half Stepping!

May 30, 2020

With what is going on in the world today, there is no time for half stepping! You have to pick a side, either your for what is right, or you're not!

Organized Chaos

March 12, 2020

It's crazy how the people who have the most faith, are scared of a virus!

Tell them no, and see how much they love you!

Feb. 20, 2020

This has just been something that has been on my mind for a long time! You can do a million things for people and the one time you can't, all of a sudden your not worth anything to them!

Let's Be Real

Feb. 14, 2020

This episode is just me touching on some hot topics!

The Journey

Feb. 3, 2020

In this life, we all have a journey and no journey is a like. The key is identifying what that thing is you're supposed to be doing and do it! Not focusing on who is doing what, just do you!

It Won't Change Until You Change!

Jan. 22, 2020

We are 22 days into the new year, and already people are giving up on the goals they have sent! Sometimes it isn't that your goals are not obtainable, you just haven't aligned yourself to reach them.

Introduction into my new podcast

Jan. 20, 2020

First episode explain my goals for this podcast, and a brief summary of what I am trying to do.