Nov. 9, 2022

It's Just A Test.

It's Just A Test.

Many times we will find ourselves in situations and instantly blame God, the Job, loved ones, or just anyone but ourselves. Let me explain why tribulations are often a blessing.

If you're a spiritual person, I am sure you have spent some time praying to God or whatever you deem a higher power. Often, those prayers are to either bring you out of something or to gain something or just some clarity. Now the problems arise when you get the very thing you have manifested.

You get that job and your own time every day to work, and you posted to social media how your prayers have been answered. You enjoy that ride to work every day because you truly feel blessed! Let's fast-forward to a year later, you hate that drive into work, it seems like you always check every redlight. When you take the highways, it's always backed up due to accidents. You can't stand your supervisor and it seems like everyone is advancing but you! You now have developed envy and the woe is me attitude.

Let me break down how you failed the test and this is why you are stuck on the same level. During your praying and manifesting, you made promises that if you get this blessing you will be thankful and you will be the best version of yourself. While you're waiting on the blessing, your talk is different. You begin to tell the world how good God is, you put up the inspirational post and you become the go-to person when people are going through life's trials.

The moment life throws you a curve ball, you immediately fall back into the questioning of God. Your talk changes, your post changes, and your mindset changes. Now you stop believing that God can do it again, you stop believing in that higher power, and boom, you are right where you first started.

You can be that type of person that every December 31st, the next day your life is going to change and this will be your year! You have to understand that nothing changes until you change!! You might go strong for the first month or two but if you haven't done the work, the first time problems arise you will resort right back to what you are used to!

To sum this up, you have to position yourself to receive blessings. You cannot and will not receive more if you are not thankful for what you have now! You will find yourself repeating life like a real-life groundhogs day if you can't learn the lesson of that level of life! 

Life is not easy, but it's doable because if you're reading this, you're doing it! So will I believe in manifesting, I also understand that when I get the very thing I have manifested I still have to keep that same energy and praying that it took to get it!