April 8, 2022

It's On You

It's On You

I am an open book, and I pride myself on that! When I am up, I share it, when I am down I do the same! I have said this on many different occasions, but the biggest hurdle that I had to overcome was my feeling the need of people that just couldn't see the vision.

This line of work is daunting, you have to really rely on people because without the people, the work won't get into the world. We all have our favorite artists, filmmakers, authors, etc. We actually are what makes them successful because we invest in them. That's the real reason why so many care so much about celebrity gossip, you support it so much, and you start actually thinking you know these people on a regular level.

So I have fallen victim so many different times to not getting support from certain people. What I have learned though is, that God will send the right people along for you! You see what is for you, is for you! You have to do the work, have faith and make sure you position yourself to receive what you're praying for!

Many times God will postpone what you're praying for to put you in a position to be happy and satisfied without it. That means, you can have everything you need right now, you can have everything you prayed for, but that goes out the window because of the wanting for what you don't have.

You have to believe in yourself before anyone else does. I often use this example, let's say you have a restaurant, and every time I come to eat there, I see you eating from another establishment. After probably the second or third time, I am going to start wondering what is wrong with the food if you're not eating it.

Listen, take your time, and master your craft. Nothing worth anything happens overnight! You have to be your biggest fan, and keep pushing because if you are running in your own lane, there is no traffic.