Mask Off!

There is a theory that you should never let people see your weakness and I guess there is some truth to that in some ways, but I would like to dive a little deeper into this concept. When I write these life lessons, I try to make sure that I give examples of my personal life. 

Before I began, I hate starting things out by saying I had been through some stuff because living this thing we call life, we all have obstacles and what is small to you might be huge to me and vice versa. So when I say I am just giving context to some of my plights.

I have been blessed, I am alive and in my right mind, and although I thank God every day for common sense and wisdom, sometimes having both of those things seems like a heavy burden in its own right! You see I grew up in a church household. God was definitely in the atmosphere and I witnessed firsthand the power of prayer. Shoot I am here today because of those prayers. I can remember the nights when I forget to pray or let me be honest, I just didn't pray and knew I was okay because I had two praying grandparents that I knew had Jesus on the mainline!

As I grew in this world, I have had situations where I had to start learning to pray for myself, and I am not talking about them 2-minute prayers. I am talking about staying put until the tears start falling. Often that is the side that I was afraid to show people. I didn't want to show that vulnerable side because I was of the mindset that vulnerability is a sign of weakness but boy was I wrong!

Being vulnerable I can say has saved my life, being intuned with my feelings and being able to admit my shortcomings has kept me sane! You see at this stage in my life, I have no problem saying I am hurt, I have no problem saying I need help. I think that is what makes me a whole rich in spirit man! 

Now what I had to learn though is not everyone is going to see life through the same prescription. There will be people who have a problem with every solution, there will be people a