Nov. 14, 2022

Sometimes You Just Want To Be Seen

Sometimes You Just Want To Be Seen

When someone says, " I just want you to see me." They aren't talking about physically seeing them, I mean they are literally right there in front of you, what they mean is seeing their essences. Now one would think this isn't a hard thing to do but for some, it literally is like pulling teeth, and here is why.

Many relationships nowadays have become a competition. People feel like they have to one-up the other, and it is often over the dumbest things. If you have kids, a parent will try to outdo the other one as if things determine one loves the other more. 

Then you have relationships where one person lives for the applause of others. What I mean by this is they will as the young people say, "Do it for the Gram." They will showcase the highlights, they will take a hundred photos for that perfect shot, and they get off of the likes, they get off on your doing great, but they scoff at their partner's acknowledgment. They normally are the person who will stay late at work but will neglect their relationship. 

Then you have the relationships where one person will acknowledge what everyone else has going on but their own partner. Let's say you have a tee shirt brand, they won't post it or anything but will congratulate the next person on a new position, will tell you about other people's wins, but will downplay yours.

Now I am a firm believer that those types of people may be battling some inner demons, not saying they are bad people, but they got some stuff they must iron out, but if you really want to win in this love game it isn't really that hard. 

Make the one you are with feel seen and appreciated! Have that same energy for them that you show the world!