Nov. 14, 2022

The Gift!

The Gift!

They say the richest place in the world is the cemeteries and I know that might sound crazy but here is why! So many people take their talents to the grave without birthing them into the world. Why is that you might ask? It's simple, fear!

You see the first step in realizing that you have something the world needs is having belief in yourself! Now I am the pot calling the kettle black because I have started and stopped so many times because of fear that what I was putting out there would be accepted.

The worst thing is loved ones calling what needs to be berthed into the world things like "your little business," or "your little book" and so on and so on! I am not saying this is a fact, and if you do have loved ones in your corner you are blessed but many times your backing will come from complete strangers.

You see people who don't know you don't place limitations on you, and your success doesn't scare them or make them feel like you think you are better than them. Many times it's your loved ones that want to see you doing good, just not better than them! 

Faced with those obstacles, many people stuck away the gifts, they shrink themselves to not make others uncomfortable and suffer great consequences. That's why you have a hard time sleeping sometimes, and that's why during the course of a day you feel so unfilled.

You see that gift is pushing you to release it into the world, someone's life is literally on the line waiting on your testimony. That idea you have, someone 10 states over has been waiting on it, but you make up all kinds of excuses on why you can't release it. 

Listen what God has for you is for you! If you want to start that podcast but everyone tells you it's oversaturated, do it anyway! You have a word that someone needs to hear! If you want to design shoes, but everyone is saying you have to have so much money to do it, do it anyways. If it is what God has for you, there is someone out there sitting on the funds you need and want to invest!

The bottom line is, it is disrespectful to God when you don't use the gifts that he has provided for you. You have the answer to the question someone on this planet needs!