Jan. 24, 2021

Thermometer Mode Or Thermostat Mode. Which Are You?

Many people operate in thermometer mode, which basically just lets you know what the temperature in the room is. Example would be, you walk into work and everyone is doom and gloom. Because many people operate in thermometer mode, they fall right in line and take on the “temperature” of the room!

Then there are people(myself)that operate in thermostat mode. Thermostat mode basically regulates the temperature in the room. Example, I walk into and everyone is doom and gloom, BUT because my mode is thermostat mode I am mindful of the temperature that I want the room to be. I don’t allow the doom and gloom to have any impact on me.

So to sum it up, I walk into the room with my personal temperature all ready set. I make the room aware of my temperature, I am precise with why it is set that way, and I will not allow anyone to change my settings. So next time your in a situation, ask your self this question, are you in thermometer mode or thermostat mode!