Jan. 24, 2021

They don’t Hate You. Your Spirit Just Upsets Their Inner Demons!

I know people who don’t like me and haven’t even had a conversation with me! They really don’t know anything about me but they will take time out to read something I wrote, or watch a video I post and they will do it with disgust! It use to really bother me and I use to wonder how could someone not like me and don’t even know me? Then it hit me, it isn’t so much me, it’s the battle that they are having within themselves! You see people will see something in you that they wished they saw within themselves. How dare you go after your dreams! How dare you step out on faith and start that business! How dare you post an accomplishment on YOUR social media! That is how people whom are jealous of you think! You see when you post an accomplishment, a person who hate the fact that they aren’t pursuing something sees it totally different. A person who isn’t   confident within themselves will look at it like you’re bragging! That pride will stop them from learning from that accomplishment or inquiring about it because that person might actually have the keys to the door you have been trying to open.

The truth of the matter is, you can’t please everyone and nor should that be your goal! You can’t deem your dopeness to make someone else comfortable. You keep doing you, it isn’t your responsibility to help people bent on not liking you! I will give you personal testimony. I have some family members who don’t know that I know that they cannot stand me! They assume that I think I know everything, they talk about me ect. The crazy thing is though, is all though it is flattering that people would think I know everything thing, it’s sad because God has put me in a position that I can help the same ones that are doing it. If I had the mindset to hate the next person for what they are doing I would literally block my blessings. I am 40yrs old now, and what I have came to realize is that some people can be doing life wrong for so long that it has become right! Those type of people you have to just pray for from a distance because when you get to close it will bring down your energy. I have learned it isn’t my job to want the best for people who are bent on staying stagnant!

In closing, I want to say this. When you tell me about what the next person is saying about me, while you think you’re doing me a favor, in all actuality you’re not! You see all always wonder why YOU are the person that they feel comfortable saying it too! It couldn’t possibly be a one sided conversation and even if it is, why wouldn’t you shut it down? You mean if you have my back, or are a trusted person in my life, how would they seek you out to talk about me? Anyways, y’all stay sucker free, and remember, it isn’t you, it’s what is inside of you that irks their inner demons!