Sept. 7, 2022

You Are Worthy!

You Are Worthy!

Let's paint a picture, let's say you are preparing to have a conversation with your partner expressing how you feel. You spend the whole day to muster up the courage because so many times you express things tend to go left. 

You say your piece and they don't react the way you needed them to. You leave that conversation hurt and with a battered ego. I say many times that you can get over a punch, but words last a lifetime! You then find a struggle within yourself because you have done the work on yourself, you didn't cut corners, you faced your issues head-on and now you feel stupid.

Here is the thing though we can do all the work on ourselves and someone may not meet us in that same place. this can cause us to feel disconnected, and unloved, and in extreme cases, we will stop expressing ourselves altogether or seek shelter in the arms of someone else. You should never try to convince someone of your worth. 

Here is the moral to the story, you aren't obligated to reason or prove your worth to anyone who chooses not to see it! You are the very thing someone is going to bed at night praying for! 

Be the best version of yourself, be what you wish you had in a relationship. When you do that, you will soon see if you are in the wrong relationship or if you can inspire change or a transformation in the relationship. Hey if it doesn't work out, at least you will be able to say that you truly gave it your all and you are the partner that you desire to be with.

Nobody is easy to be with because we are all imperfect people. that is why it is so important when you meet someone willing to stay committed to understanding you, and want to grow with you, you don't let silly ego and pride ruin it.