March 31, 2022

Start Where You Are!

Start Where You Are!

I love social media for what it has done for many people. So many people have become very rich, have been afforded opportunities that they probably would never have had before in life! Like many things in life, there is also a very downside to social media. That downside has caused deaths, has caused failed relationships and has created a fictitious world that many people can never escape.

I remember so many times starting something and then looking at social media and becoming so discouraged. I would look at people in the field I am pursuing and I would criticize myself for not being at the same level as them. I had become jaded at the people who did not support me but would bend over backward to support others. With this mindset, I have started and stopped so many different times, that if I would have just held on and been consistent, I would be so much further.

You see the problem that I had was not talent, it was not being consistent enough, and part of not being consistent was because I was so focused on what everyone else was doing! I had to learn that it was okay to start off small. There is no such thing as an overnight night success, but social media would have you believe that from one post, one song, one idea, and boom they are successful.

We have this picture in our minds of what the finish line looks like. We focus on that feeling of crossing it but we leave out the training to get there! With the mindset of only crossing the finish line, you drown in self petty because not being where you want to be in life can disrupt your peace. You have to find beauty in the process. You already are ahead of many people when you find your purpose and your walk in it! There is no amount of money that you can be paid for that. Now if money is the only goal, when it's gone you will be back to square one.

My advice to anyone out there stepping out on faith(myself included) don't tell anyone what you are doing until it's done. Outside energy can throw off goals. Do you know how you know this is true? Tell someone your plans, I am not talking about applying for a job, people will cheer that on, but tell someone you're about to start a business or write a book, or make a film, etc. Tell them something that you have to vision or step out on faith for and watch how their energy changes. They will ask you a million questions but the line of questions will be simply to prove how it won't work, BUT a superstar makes the same announcement and they will mark their calendar in anticipation!